Vanport Mosaic

These audio stories were produced for Vanport Mosaic, a nonprofit organization "dedicated to capturing, celebrating, and preserving the experiences of those who lived in Vanport..."

Bea & Marge

Sisters Bea Gilmore and Marge Moss share their memories of moving to Albina after the Vanport flood in 1948. Williams Avenue was a central hub of activity for the African American community. Bea and Marge reflect on the changes they've witnessed over the years that have left the Northeast Portland neighborhood virtually unrecognizable to them today.


Former Albina resident, Anjala Ehelebe shares her memories of growing up in a tight-knit community. This Northeast Portland neighborhood, once home to the majority of the city's African American population, has undergone dramatic change and gentrification in recent years.


In this interview Myrtle White Carr recalls highlights of her 36 year career with the Urban League, meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson, Langston Hughes, and her experience surviving the Vanport flood in 1948. Ms. Carr currently resides in Northeast Portland, in the same home she’s lived in since 1966.